Dear fellow people from Marburg

Finding a way to deal with the current situation of a pandemic of the coronavirus SARS CoV 2 is not easy for many people, therefore many neighborhoods in Marburg want to help each other so that nobody is alone!

Together people should be protected and supported. Above all older, chronically ill, poor, illegalized people, precarious or in the care sector employed, ALGII-recipients* and all others, who carry a special risk or have difficulties to deal with the current situation.
Together, we will help with shopping, pet walks, childcare, exchange/loan of everyday items, etc.

Skin colour, age, origin, gender or sexuality does not matter!
Through solidarity we can get through the next time together.
Everyone can offer and receive help. On this website you can find the necessary contact information – but there are also posters to print yourself, because the motto is: The more decentralized, the better!

If you belong to one of the risk groups affected by the current pandemic (Coronavirus SARS CoV 2) (high age, immune deficiency or certain basic diseases), there are helpers* who want to help you to stay healthy.

If there is a serious suspicion of Corona SARS CoV2, contact your family doctor by telephone or call 116117 (medical on-call service). Symptoms may include coughing, sniffles, neck scratches and fever.

For more detailed information about the solidarity-based help here on site and how to make contact, please take a look at our website!
We offer only a contact mediation and can therefore not take any liability for everything that happens after the contact is made! We only offer a platform on which you can make your own contacts!